vendredi, août 12, 2011

Russian wrestlers at the turn of the 20th century

Just some old pics of team round 1902, some probably taken during a tour in Turkey or north Africa...

The man on right on the last two photos looks like Aberg.
Some individuals, with names, though you never can be sure they are really russian and not bulgarians or assimilated countries. Anyway Petersnurg was a centre for wrestling in the first years of the twentieth century, many french abd belgian wrestlers came to take part in tournaments:

 Schneider (at least that's what written in cyrillic) and quite interesting tattoo by the way

 Kabachnikov (note the lorgnon-glasses, a rare thing)
Some unknown will remain anonymous ("Girevik" a surname and Jan Sp... name cut)

and I regret it... (beautiful photo, I'd like to know the story behind, brothers?)
Some action shots featuring a so-called Raicevitch

 Maxime Raicevitch (supra)
A russian strongman and his instruments (many strongmen would also wrestle)
 This one was photographed in Hungary
 Petrov-Romanov (I guess they'd be russians), nice photo
 Pospichil, Bohemia it says but written in cyrillic, a real beauty indeed.

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